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Summer 2002 - Up and down and back again [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Summer 2002 [Jun. 10th, 2010|06:01 pm]
[mood |amusedamused]

I was chatting to AJ about music from school, and remembering NFG, Fenix*TX, Jimmy, etc. Wow, nostalgia. So I downloaded NFG from bit torrent and have been listening to some of the songs that sound tracked the summer following A-levels, and maybe the first bit of uni.

I guess before Alex, I wasn't worried about being 'cool' or a 'muso' - I knew the music I liked, was comfortable with my randomly changing hair colour, baggy jeans and goth-emo-punk-pop style. Sure, Stev was too pretty for me (and I was probably too intellectual and paranoid for him), and university was proving to be a headfuck from the beginning, but I wasn't particularly insecure. Until that night going to watch Eeeblee at the Cellar on our first date, and realising that not knowing (or caring about) Radiohead was as big a faux pas as comparing Queen to North and South (yes, I know) had been when I was 13.  It was another world.

But before that other world there was the golden mixed-up summer. Parties at K's house, or Edd's or mine. Sitting on hilltops smoking weed with Stev. Sunshine and MTV2 and hose fights at Erin's. It was the best summer I had ever had, with a decided soundtrack (pop-punk, plus whatever was on MTV2 or Kerrang playlists, played over and over again). Distillation of the best the Valley had to offer, never to be experienced in the same way again.

So now, post-muso phase, I can listen to it all again, no irony required, and just enjoy the memories.