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Science is vital [Oct. 5th, 2010|03:11 pm]
[mood |thoughtfulthoughtful]
[music |Anti-emo metal]

I just got forwarded an email from these people : http://scienceisvital.org.uk/

I think this is the first time I've seen a demo that I actually firmly believe in and will probably go along to. Not to mention that with the planned cuts, the likelihood of my finding a job in 2.5 years time will be considerably diminished.

Slightly off topic, technocracy and the accompanying implications is fairly old fashioned, and yet is something I must have instinctively believed in since reading Brave New World when I was 11.  It may be classed as a novel about a dystopian future, but it makes a lot of sense in terms of world happiness via utilitarianism (I'm not counting the eugenics focus here). It's also the way the world seems to be moving (adding an obsession with longevity). There are a lot of arguments for happiness being put into a more positive relief by unpleasant and unhappy events, but how many people would really experience the bad side of life by choice if it was avoidable? *end off topic rant

Anyway, sign the petition, maybe.
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Summer 2002 [Jun. 10th, 2010|06:01 pm]
[mood |amusedamused]

I was chatting to AJ about music from school, and remembering NFG, Fenix*TX, Jimmy, etc. Wow, nostalgia. So I downloaded NFG from bit torrent and have been listening to some of the songs that sound tracked the summer following A-levels, and maybe the first bit of uni.

I guess before Alex, I wasn't worried about being 'cool' or a 'muso' - I knew the music I liked, was comfortable with my randomly changing hair colour, baggy jeans and goth-emo-punk-pop style. Sure, Stev was too pretty for me (and I was probably too intellectual and paranoid for him), and university was proving to be a headfuck from the beginning, but I wasn't particularly insecure. Until that night going to watch Eeeblee at the Cellar on our first date, and realising that not knowing (or caring about) Radiohead was as big a faux pas as comparing Queen to North and South (yes, I know) had been when I was 13.  It was another world.

But before that other world there was the golden mixed-up summer. Parties at K's house, or Edd's or mine. Sitting on hilltops smoking weed with Stev. Sunshine and MTV2 and hose fights at Erin's. It was the best summer I had ever had, with a decided soundtrack (pop-punk, plus whatever was on MTV2 or Kerrang playlists, played over and over again). Distillation of the best the Valley had to offer, never to be experienced in the same way again.

So now, post-muso phase, I can listen to it all again, no irony required, and just enjoy the memories.
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Welcome back to the world [Sep. 18th, 2008|09:04 pm]
[mood |ecstaticecstatic]

I can has finished dissertation.

And it's not totally shit.

Life can now go on.
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Help wanted with research [Jul. 22nd, 2008|07:24 pm]
Hey all,

I'm currently running a study for my MSc research project and am recruiting control participants. The details are below, but it basically involves about two hours of language tests, speech tests, being filmed wearing some stickers, and some neuro assessments. If you are, or know anyone between 40 and 60 who might like to take part out of the goodness of their heart, please let me know or pass this on.

I'll happily drive to people's homes to do the testing, and can do it any day of the week, anytime of day (within reason!)

Details below. Thanks for reading!


Below is the information letter regarding the study. We would be asking you
to take part as a control participant.

For this study, control participants need to be aged between 40 and 60, and
be native English speakers.

We are unable to offer any monetary payment due to a lack of funding and
our ethics approval.

If you would like to take part then please contact me by email or phone
(07890 390517) and we can arrange a date and time for me to come and see


Speech and language in Huntington's disease

We are carrying out a study which examines speech and language production
in people with and without Huntington's disease (HD). We aim to identify
the nature of changes in the control of speech and of language processing
that occur in HD. We would be very grateful for your help with this

Your participation will take approximately 1.5 hours (either at our
laboratory in Reading or at your home), and rest breaks can be taken as
needed. During this time, you will be given a computer-based task which
will require you to provide appropriate verbal responses according to the
instructions given. You will also be asked to produce different types of
speech, for example, to read aloud sentences or a simple passage of text,
or to converse on a given topic. You will be audio and video-recorded on
during these tasks.

Your data will be kept confidential and securely stored. It will have only
a code attached to each participant, and therefore it will not be possible
for any data set to be linked to any individual. If you would like to
receive feedback on the results of the study, we are happy to provide this
when the study has been completed.
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Anyone got time to do a 15min online questionnaire? [Jul. 14th, 2008|02:24 pm]
A friend of mine on my MSc course needs people to answer a short questionnaire about crime prevention. If anyone is bored or has time, the link is below.

Crime prevention questionnaire
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New Year [Jan. 2nd, 2008|09:44 am]
[Current Location |underground in the RSL]
[mood |awakeawake]

Happy New Year Everyone! (anyone)

So, I'm in the library, and I'm procrastinating while I wait for my essay-books to be delivered from the stacks.

Last year was good. It was my best year for a very long time. No major upsets, many major achievements.

I don't have New Year's Resolutions (they are for the Weak, apparently), but I'm going to concentrate on some things more heavily, and give up others entirely, if possible.

Things to encourage:

- early mornings: breakfast or swimming, either way up at 7 and out of the house by 8 is the way to go

- more time at home: in a 'reading articles and doing work' way, rather than a 'sitting on facebook and obsessing about buffy' way.

- more wandering: further afield - have covered most of the ground within the ring road now

- more music: not just listening to stuff I already know and love

- more financing: should be able to plan and budget and not cry at the thought of looking at my bank balance

Things to discourage / give up:

- excessive drinking: for so many reasons, not least the horrendous expense of being a real ale junkie

- naps: sleep is for the night, not for brief bursts before dinner

- obsessive DVD watching: more addictive than crack (so I hear, anyway)

- 'harmless' crushes: accidentally calling your boyfriend 'Spike' is not the way forward

- being a psychoanalyst: elusive people aren't that exciting once you get past the walls (repeat to fade)

Okey, books should be here now!
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A real question on a survey from a respected internet research group [Jul. 30th, 2007|09:54 am]
[Current Location |Werk]
[mood |amusedamused]

Which ONE of these ‘style groups’ best describes you and your lifestyle, music tastes, dress sense, etc?

<input ... >

<input ... >

<input ... >

<input ... >

<input ... >

<input ... >

<input ... >

<input ... >

<input ... >

<input ... >

<input ... >

<input ... >

<input ... >

<input ... >

Is it just me that finds that half incredibly funny and half really disturbing?

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In case anyone's still reading [Nov. 20th, 2006|01:04 am]

I'm going away from here for a while, probably not coming back again.  You all know where I live anyway.

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Friends Only [Jul. 18th, 2006|01:53 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]

I've finally got round to locking all my old posts. It's nothing in particular, just I want to know exactly who can / is reading about my life for the past three years.

So if you want to be my friend, say hi now!
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